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For the first time, we're offering the ENTIRE NIBBLE PROGRAM LIBRARY
 -- The Stavros Collection of more than 1200 programs --
Downloadable and Absolutely FREE!
(And you can review them by clicking the Programs Index button above)

The Stavros Complete Collection

Reflections from Stavros:

"This collection represents the culmination of a 3 and a half year effort to help preserve some of the history of early computing. When I heard that Mike Harvey was unable to locate the Nibble Programs library I thought, 'someone should organize an effort to type the programs in and make them available.'

Then Sam Stoddard submitted a set of 24 disk images containing 265 of the major Nibble programs and I found 20 old Nibble disks on eBay. I realized, with half of the Nibble library already available in disk image form, that it wouldn't be too difficult to type in the remaining programs.

So, using my iPad propped up on my Apple IIe, I typed in every program that wasn't already available in Stoddard's collection, the Nibble disks I had, or the disk images available on the Nibble web site. I used Key Perfect and AccuType to make sure each program was typed accurately, and I included all of the published error corrections as well. I incorporated Mr. Stoddard's collection and the other disks into my collection.

On this collection of 67 disk images is almost every single program published in Nibble, over 1200 programs in all. I hope people will enjoy using these programs as much as I enjoyed putting this collection together."

      Stavros Karatsoridis

The Stavros Collection of 42 Disks - The Entire Nibble Library (in a zip file)

This download is of the Entire Nibble Programs Library.
This incredible collection spans 42 disk images and contains more than 1,200 programs
spanning the 12 1/2 years of Nibble's publication

The Entire Nibble Disk Library
with the Stavros Collection

Click above to download 1200+ Programs

The Stoddard Collection
And if you prefer dealing with primarily the major programs, THE
Stoddard Collection of 265 MAJOR is indexed and DOWNLOADABLE AT NO CHARGE

BIG NEWS!  Sam Stoddard, who had submitted 18 Nibble programs last year, has outdone himself.  He has now sent 265 programs covering the major features in every issue of Nibble from 1980 through 1992!  In addition he has developed a complete collection of 461 One-Liner and Two-Liner programs which are also offered here.  Here is Sam's own description of what he's done, and it's a monumental effort.


Be sure to also scan the other programs that are available in the Nibble Library (scroll farther down page). They include Apple Classics, Apple Secrets, Disassembly Lines, and more

"This zip file contains 24 disk images, each one packed with Nibble programs.  There are 265 programs (spanning 650 files), the majority of which had not previously been available from your web site in electronic form.  The full list is attached as Stoddard_Collection_List (see below).

  While I most certainly did not get every Nibble program typed in, I got just about every game, just about every graphics and sound program, the vast majority of the educational programs, and a healthy selection of some of the more enduringly useful applications. I'm particularly happy to be able to provide "STORM WARNING," which I'm pretty sure was the largest program ever published in Nibble: 95 sectors of binary code and 15 more of BASIC.  There are others that approach that size, like NIBBLE DINER, which is 104 sectors of BASIC code.  Another interesting item is LE MANS, originally published in Integer Basic, but which I managed converted to Applesoft Basic for easier access.

 Key Perfect/AccuType was used whenever available to ensure error-free programs.  Additionally, I looked over the Errata sections of every issue, making corrections as I encountered them.  In some cases, I even fixed bugs and spelling errors that Nibble hadn't caught.  In only a very few instances did I supply programs or data not originally published in Nibble.  One example: for SERPENT'S COIL, a program for tracking tropical storms, I added in a data file with Hurricane Katrina's coordinates, so that Katrina could be plotted within the program.

All of the disks in both collections are bootable.  The HELLO/STARTUP program on each will display the disk catalog, and then you're on your own and may run any program you wish.  I recommend taking a leisurely perusal of each disk -- I'm sure it'll be a fond walk down memory lane."
           Sam Stoddard


The Stoddard Magazine/Programs Collection Listing


Low Score II

 Blast 'Em

 Super Weaver


 Space Maze

 Space Animation

 Guided Missile


 Star Attack

 Will O The Wisp



 Apple Hi-Res Clock

 Three-D Shapes

 Your Apple Speaks

 Textfile Writer

 Apple Paintbox

 Le Mans

 Trap 'Em

 Shape Combiner


 Apple Artist

 Lazer Blaster

 Three-D Tic Tac Toe

 Apple Rat

 Circles From Lines



 Scroll Suite


 Turtle Graphics

 Apple Slugger

 Three-D Mapping

 Apple Darts

 Hi-Res Page 3 Demo

 Apple Flash


 Graphics Grab Bag

 Electric Abacus

 Electric Hourglass


 Apple Art Gallery

 Binary Clock

 Electronic Message Center

 Lightsabre Battle

 Southern Draw

 Quasar II



 Apple Disk Librarian

 Pillar Munch


 Space Rover

 Solid Colors

 File Name Mover

 Magic Cube

Nibble Inferno


 Nibble Designer

 Nibble Illustrator

 Fly Away



 Time Teacher

 Typing Helper

 Color Text Graphics

 Math Monster

 Slot Finder

 Byte Finder

 Scroll Off

 Bouncing Numbers


 Word Find



 Hi-Res Abstract

 Grade Averaging


 Apple Trig


 Graphics Grab Bag 2



 Nibble Diner


 Artillery Duel

 Black Box

 Speed Maze

 Fancy Hi-Res Loader




 Draw Text Demo

 Attack of Shapes

 Storm Warning

 Graphics Toolbox

 Monster Hunt

 Ant Race

 RPN Calculator

 Automatic Function Plotter

 Spin Ball

 Math Marathon

 Castle Riche

 Clam Bake

 Little Organ Apple

 Typing Coach

 Binary Clock 2

 Color Billboard

 Bridge Bidder

 Variable Dump

 Counting Quiz


 Shades and Textures

 Beach Head

 Sound Synthesizer

 Hi-Res Special Effects


 Little Fingers


 Tadpole Alphabet

 Compass Quiz

 Father's First Programs

 Three-D Four Score

 Hi-Res Houdini


 Math Concentration





 Catalog Plus

 Nibble 500

 Perpetual Calendar


 Needle In a Haystack


 Text Viewer

 Idol of Monterey

 Beep Customizer

 Tiny Tic-Tac-Toe

 Apple Time Tutor

 Apple Highways

 Adventure Construction Set

 Status Seeker

 Typing Game




 Ctrl-Char Detective

 Def and Val

 Banner Boss

 Nibble Maestro



 Serpent's Coil

 Nibble Planetarium


 Countup Timer

 Direction Field

 Atlantic Convoy

 Happy Birthday

 Nibble Duet

 Titan Cronus




 Tank Combat


 That's Amazing

 Movie Construction Set

 Find 'Em

 Page Two Text

 Monitor Mods

 Funny Face

 Super Sort





 Word Elevator


 Word Count


 Data Writer

 Mousetext Embed

 Polar Plotter



 Sunrise Sunset

 Formula Nibble




 Arcade Sound Editor


 Screen Clear Demos


 Surprise Attack

 Garden Planner

 Hi-Res SCRN


 Density Drill

 Hi-Res Tricks


 Learn the USA


 Keyboard Tutor

 Spelling Maze

 Shadow Play


 Major Mayhem



 Chinese Checkers






 Apple Program Mover


 Mini-Scroll Demo




 Hi-Res Scan


 Fiver Dicer


 Double Hi-Res Display

 Keypress Demo


 City Centurian






 Music Lesson

 Roman Numerals


 Hand Puzzle



 Mary's Garden

 Zapper Draw

 Magic Squares

 Wordsearch Wizard



 Visi-Sort Revisited

 Hex Checker

 TL Bomber

 Treasure Dive



 Line Manager



 Custom Bingo

 Sound Wizard

 Morse Code Tutor

 Color Scout

 Graphics Demos


 Memory Master

 Mouse Cursor




 Metric Converter

 Warriors 2000




 Chalk Math


 Digilog Clock



 Lunar Lander

 Screen Delights

 Ear Training

 High Roller



 Maze Maker

 Chicken Little



 Fractal Magic






AppleWin and Virtual ][ Emulators for the Apple II

We're making AppleWin accessible for downloading.  It is a free Apple II emulator that runs the Nibble Disk images under Windows.

And here's a link to Virtual ][ an excellent Apple II emulator
that runs on the Macintosh... (courtesy of Donald Miller)

The disk images will run under BOTH of these emulators.

AppleWin (Apple II Emulator

Click above to download the Emulator

The Stoddard Major Nibble Programs Collection (in a zip file)

This amazing collection spans 24 disk images and contains 265 of Nibble's best programs over the entire 12 1/2 years.


The Stoddard Major Programs Collection

Click above to download the 265 programs


The Complete Stoddard 1-Liner and 2-Liner Programs (in a zip file)

This amazing collection spans 461 One-Liner and Two-Liner Contest winners over the years.  As a bonus Sam added separate programs that print out instructions for programs whose function is not obvious just by running them. This collection covers the entire 12 1/2 years.


The Stoddard 1- and 2-Liner Collection

Click above to download complete 461 programs

Key Perfect versions 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0

Key Perfect was one of the basic tools used by Nibble readers to check program code as it was being typed into the Apple II from Nibble magazine.  It generates a checksum code for every 10 lines of Applesoft and every 50 bytes of machine language.  It's a handy tool if you're typing programs from the Nibble library. :-)

Thanks to Sam Stoddard, we now have two major versions of Key Perfect.  Version 5.0 for newest issues and Versions 1.0 and 2.0 for older magazines.  This older version has an introductory screen showing the volume and issue numbers covered by these earlier versions.

Click to Download the Key Perfect 5.0 Disk

Click to Download the Key Perfect 1.0/2.0 Disk


AccuType is a system of three programs that help you to type Nibble listings accurately and quickly.  It is a supplement to CheckIt, the short Applesoft typing checker program published in every issue.  This download contains both the AccuType manual and the programs.

Click above to Download the AccuType
 Disk Images

Apple Secrets

This is side 2 of the Apple Secrets disk, but contains all the programs.

Click above to Download the Apple Secrets
Disk Images

ProDOS - Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language Examples

Here are the program files that support your journey through the creation of Assembly Language programs.

Click above to Download the Beginner's Guide
 ProDOS Disk Images

DOS 3.3 - Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language Examples

Here are the program files that support your journey through the creation of Assembly Language programs. They have been converted from ProDOS to DOS 3.3 courtesy of Cristian Ramirez.

Click above to Download the Beginner's Guide
DOS 3.3 Disk Images


Apple II Classics Disks

These two disks are a companion to the Apple II Classics book, and they contain the 19 classic games and applications from Nibble.  This is an outstanding collection!


Click above to Download the Apple II Classics  Disk Images

Nibble Two Minute and Three Minute Apple Programs

Here are two disks with dozens of the short, innovative programs that were published in these two books.  A great addition to your collection.

Click above to Download Two & Three Minute Programs

Disassembly Lines

Here are disks of collected programs featured in Sandy Mossberg's Disassembly Lines volumes 1-3.  Enjoy!

Click above to Download Disassembly Lines Disk Images

Ghost Gobbler - Plus

The Nibbler - One of our best games... EVER
Clam Bake - Another Winner
Speed Maze

Ghost Gobbler Plus

Click above to Download the Ghost Gobbler

Adventurer - Plus

Castle Riche
Idol of Monterey
Adventure Construction Set

Adventurer Plus

Click above to Download the Adventurer

1982 Best of Nibble (from France)

Art Gallery
Electronic Message Center
The Shape
Disk Map
Super Writer
Shopping List
Pseudo Colors
Print USR)ing


Click above to Download the 1982 Disk Images

1986 May Issue
Disk Librarian Pro
Funny Face

1986 May
Click above to Download the 1986 May Issue

1986 June Issue
Nibble Decision Maker

1986 June
Click above to Download the 1986 June Issue

1988 March-December Features

Energy Squeezer
Poster Creator
Bill Keeper
City Centurion


Click above to Download the 1988 Disk Images

1989 January-December Features
Shape Librarian
Nibble Launcher
Print Studio
Nibble MenuPro
Nibble Number Cruncher
DB Construction Kit
Nibble Assembler
Treasure Dive


Click above to Download the 1989 Disk Images

1990 January-June and August-December Features
Line Manager
Real Estate Advisor
ProDOS DIsk Doctor
Sound Wizard
Directory Designer
Memory Master
Virtual Memory
Nibble Test Builder
Nibble Almanac
Warriors 2000


Click above to Download the 1990 Disk Images

1991 January-December and 1992 Jan-Feb Features
Invoice Master
Super Trace
Hi-Res Alchemy
Graphic Publisher
Nibble Ancestry
B&W Studio
Memory Probe
Nibble Geometry
Nibble Sifter
Hex Wizard
Applesoft TookKit
Basic Plus
Print Master


Click above to Download the 1991-92 Disk Images

Renewal Bonus Disks

Each year, it was our custom to offer a renewal bonus disk that had the best programs from the previous year.  This is a collection of several years of those disks.pp

Nibble Renewal Bonus Disks

Click above to Download the Renewal Bonus Disk Images

TWO Kinds of Disk Images  
The First Kind
Here's what the first kind of disk image looks like when it is opened with AppleWin.  It is an exact replica of the original disk, and it is the format of most of the disk images. When the disk boots, it will display the title screen for a few seconds and then go to the main menu.  Most of the disk images are of this type.

The Second Kind
However, some of the disk images are different and represent user-created collections of programs. These are:
1987 #1
1990 #4-6
1991 #4-7
and #9

To navigate these, you'll need to type CAT and ENTER to get to the first menu.  Then successively type: PREFIX <directory name> followed by CAT to open a Directory.  In the example below, Nibble 1991 directory was displayed by typing:

and then the issue was opened and displayed by typing:

Obtained by type CAT Obtained by typing: PREFIX NIBBLE.1991 and then typing: CAT Obtained by typing: PREFIX APR.VOL12.NO04 and then typing: CAT
We hope you'll enjoy the programs and of course you can find out all about them with the appropriate issues of the magazine.
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